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Celebrating Collaboration and Progress: Highlights from Phoenix Children's GME Department Annual Retreat 2023

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Dear AHME - COPAC Community,

All of us in GME/UME at Phoenix Children's are thrilled to share insights from the recent annual GME retreat held in October 2023 at Phoenix Children's, in Phoenix, Arizona, under the inspiring leadership of Dr. Vasu Bhavaraju, DIO, and Ms. Tamra Coker, Associate DIO. This year's retreat was not just an event, but a hallmark of collective growth and forward-thinking within our department.

In Phoenix Children’s Graduate Medical Educations commitment to continual improvement, an anonymous survey was sent to all GME staff ahead of the retreat by GME leadership. The goal was to gather candid feedback on our strengths and areas for growth. We were overwhelmed by the thoughtful responses from the GME and UME professionals and the enthusiastic participation, which speaks volumes about the dedication of our GME team.

From the survey, three key areas for improvement emerged: Information Technology, Career Mentorship, and Research. In response, we established three subcommittees, allowing staff to contribute their skills and interests to the areas they are most enthusiastic about. This initiative has fostered a sense of ownership and collaboration, turning feedback into actionable steps.

The retreat itself was a blend of professional development sessions, strategic planning discussions, and team-building activities. It was heartening to see everyone engage, share ideas, and work together towards a common goal: enhancing the effectiveness and impact of our GME programs.

Key takeaways from the retreat include:

Information Technology: Embracing innovative technologies to streamline processes and improve communication.

Career Mentorship: Developing robust mentorship programs to support the career growth of our staff.

Research: Fostering a research-friendly environment to encourage innovation and scholarly activities.

As we move forward, these subcommittees will be instrumental in implementing the changes and improvements suggested by our team. This initiative is a testament to our commitment to professional development, collaboration, and excellence in graduate medical education and our GME staff.

We want to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the GME staff for making this retreat a resounding success. Everyone’s enthusiasm, ideas, and willingness to engage in the process of continuous improvement make Phoenix Children's a leading institution in graduate medical education.

Together, we are not just shaping the future of healthcare, but also nurturing an environment of collaboration, innovation, and excellence for our Medical Education department, managers, coordinators, and staff, also for all our Program Administrators, support staff and allies.

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