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AHME forum
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Assistant/Associate DIO
Paying for licenses, DEA, CDS feeds
Onboarding and orientation survey
Onboarding and orientation survey
GMEC Response to ACGME Surveys
AHME Message Board Guidelines
Clinical research fellowships
Benchmarking resident variable benefits
Polling Software
GME Office Analysis
Program Letter of Agreement
Pushback from C-suite about new resident leave requirement
Non-accredited fellowships
Polling Software
Paying Teaching Faculty
Ophthalmology will no longer use the TY year. Are there ...
Supplemental Pay Policy (Hazzard or Other)
FM Program Closure - PGY2 Placement for 2022
Faculty Development
Inst Req on medical & family leave
Goals and Objectives Templates
Resident Wellness
Support in Event of an Interruption in Patient Care
Does anyone use their GME database for other learners?
Office for Interprofessional Learning
Training Modules on communication/professionalism
Benefits for Housestaff
Electronic devices
Wellness policies
CCC minutes template
Centralized Verifications?
How are you meeting the Common Program Requirement for Ho...
Residents treating residents
Lactation facilities
Call Room Allocation and Assignment
GME Resident/Fellow Social/Support Groups?
Policy for Social Media Accounts
Institutional Self Study Team
Institutional Releases Functionality in MedHub
Experience with ACGME Adverse Action Appeal Process?
Coordinator Reporting Structure
Podiatry Surgery training program
Video tours
Diploma credentials
Quick Survey - How much do you give for books/travel?
GME department bylaws
Medical Education Office Structure
Survey instruments
Resident Job Description
Reappointment Question
USMLE/COMLEX Step 3 - Quick Survey
Resident Health Committee
Medical staff journal club
Visiting Trainee Competency
TY Programs and Ophthalmology Program Applicants
Resident ID Badges
Non-Renewal Notice - Template
Residency Management Software
New GME Administrators Listserv
Dental, Pharmacy and Podiatry - Annual Evaluation Form
Job Description - Associate Program Director
Quality Template for GMEC
Virtual Open House - GME Program Meet and Greet
Virtual Residency Program Interviews Question
Institutional Support / Commitment Statement
ACGME Virtual Site Visits
Photos and interviews
With whom do you share your balanced scorecard results?
ACGME ADS update process
ECFMG J-1 arrival in US date
Virtual GME Research Day
Physical distancing in work rooms
Mentorship for fellows?
New Thread for COVID-19 Postings
FTE spreadsheets?
ACGME Requirement Alignments
Summative Evaluations
Health and Disability Insurance Before 30 Days
GMELT ~ GMEC Sub Committee
Program Coordinator Productivity Metrics
Resident DEA's
Transfer Resident - Funding
Milestone guidebook for resident and fellows
CMS for Resident Orientation
New Resident Orientation -- 2020 Plans
Grand Rounds Lectures - Scheduling
Resident Evaluations
Compensation models
GMEC Minutes
Special Review Process / Special Program Review Process
Coordinator Wellness Committee Charter
Help Needed IM Application and Curriculum
Riverside Community Hospital/University of California Riv...
Submission of Complement Increases
Program Coordinator Support
Opioid Training For Licensure
Rotating students and residents and COVID
COVID-19 Policies and Procedures
Sponsoring Institution Commitment to GME Statement
Program Coordinator Reporting Structure
Individualized Learning Plan Policy
Grievance Hierarchy Policy
Institutional Resources/Support for Resident Families
Low Census Days
In-Training Exam Low Score Remedy for Residents
Online Database Access
Online Database Access
Docusign - Electronic Signature
3rd round of CLER
Experience with IPASS
Program 'Temperature' Dashboard
Policy and procedure for GME Program Expansion requests
Institutional Self Study and 10 year Site Viist
Graduation - if that's even what it's called?
Corrective Action Plan template
Specific ERAS Personal Statement Questions?
Reappointment Question
Education on the Role of the Resident/Fellow Physician
Reappointment Question
Reappointment Question
Budgeting for New Radiology & Psychiatry Programs
Complement Increase Grid?
Residents paying for health insurance?
Centralized GME Office
Transferred Resident - FMP Visit Numbers
Space Planning
Call Rooms
Has anyone had their 4th CLER visit yet?
Scheduling PGY1 Resident Patients
Visiting Resident Policy/Procedure
Residents vacation time
Language apps
Template for remediation
Old ACGME Abstract/Poster Session Topics
ACGME Common App
Resident Peer Review Committee
Recent Salary Survey Results
Emergency Response to Housestaff Psychiatric Emergencies
Academic File Retention Policy or Procedure
Old ACGME Conference Agendas
IRIS tracking....
Liability Insurance for out of state electives
Work hours and retreats
Non-Renewal Notice - Template
Fellowship Feasibility Study
New Program applications
New Common Prog Req: Recruitment/diversity
New Fellowship Program Advertisement
Faculty Development Needs Assessment
Site Visit
Reimbursement - Resident Travel
IMGs - Time Away to Visit Home Countries
Vocera Users
Faculty Contraccts
Annual Program Evaluation Due?
Meal Stipend - How much do you provide?
Organizational Structure
Organizational Structure
ERAS Scoring System
Evaluation of Reproductive Endocrinology Fellow
Education and CME Funds for Residents
Resident Meal Allowance System
ADS Update Accuracy Checker
Health Benefit copays and payroll deductions
Resident Hospital Stipends/Incentives For Housing
Onboarding with New Innovations
National Provider Data Bank (NPDB) Query
National Provider Data Bank (NPDB) Query
ADS Update / Participating Sites / Reasonable Accommodations
International Rotations - Liability Insurance
Resident and Fellow Well-Being Policy?
Hahnemann Residents -- Are you taking any? Are you frustr...
Institutional Work Hour Coordinator
Transferred Resident Records
Current GME Prog. Admin. & Coordinator job descriptions
Program Director Handbook
GME Institutional Policies
E-prescribing on EPIC for residents
Special Review Process
Benchmarking Fam Med program staffing
Participating Sites PLA/Affiliation Agreement
Program Director Evaluation Form
Retaining Primary Care Physician
What are your "lines in the sand" to trigger a Special Re...
Resident File Retention
ACGME Well-Being Survey
Semi-Annual Review
ERAS Download
Medicine and Transitional Year Director?
Using social media in GME
CLER positions at your institution
Residency Management Software
Outcomes data/feedback
Computer Program for Scheduling
Duty Hour compliance for institutions with 700+ trainees
Call Room Reservation System
GME Patient Safety/QI Director
GMEC Responsibilities
Fellowship initial PGY level assignment
Canadians in ACGME fellowships
DIO Salary/Stipend?
Resident Leadership Funds
CLER Best Practices
"Continued Accreditation with Warning?"
Balanced Scorecard/AIR Questions
10 Year Site Visit - documentation question
AIR Executive Summary
Faculty compensation
PGY1 Resident Start/Insurance Coverage
PECOS Registration for Unlicensed Residents/Fellows
Consents: Residents
(Employment Authorization Document (EAD) applicants...
Community Outreach Contract
Transitional Year Program Requirements Proposed Revisions
Fiscal Year/Academic Year alignment
Faculty development speaker on remediation
Self-Study Site Visit Knowledge Needed
ACGME 2019 CPR changes - Dual Roles in a health system - ...
Crisis Management Plans
New CMS documentation rules
Time off for fellowship interviews
Tricky legal question about poster presentations
How to post on the AHME Message Board
Residency certificates/diplomas
Focused Review!
Question for Dually Accrediated Program

GDPR and Residency Management Systems
Creating a Common Resident Resource Center/Lounge
Institutional WebADS Annual Update Question - Governing Body
Guidance for Evaluating Residents In Other Specialties
Survey of your residency graduates?
Business plan to start a fellowship/residency?
Monitoring Duty Hours
IRIS / CMS Cost Reporting
Certificates for departing residents
Wallet Flash Drives
GME Structure
Clever solutions for showing residents are "credentialed"...

Remediation/disciplinary policies and procedures
Input to TYRC on TY Program Requirements
IM Residency-Sub-Specialty Journal Articles
New Resident Drug Screens
GME Office Survey
Has anyone dumped UpToDate for another product?
Program Letter of Agreement
Rural Rotations
Program Director Orientation
Input to TYRC on TY Program Requirements
GME Procedure Verifications Process
Business Case Document for GME
Observerships / Residents & Fellows
Experience with VSAS
Where do you post open residency spots?
Program Director Stipends
Policy RE: Distance Residents must Live from Primary Trai...
Maternity/Paternity Leave
Internal Medicine 4:1 Schedules - How to do it better!
Electronic devices
Time off for fellowship/job interviews?
Leveraging resources of Coordinator Development
Accreditation Notification from the ACGME
Education/Travel for Program Administrators
Surgical Supervision and Faculty documentation policies
Resident Supervision by PAs/NPs
JD for Designated Institutional Official (DIO)
Special/Focused Review Template?
AHA Recommended Verification of Training Form
AHA Recommended Verification of Training Form
Academic Assistance/Learning Support Resources
Recruiting Expenses
RCA Education
Verification of Training
Special Reviews and Self-Studies
Program Coordinator Recommended Minimum FTE
F.M. Faculty Hours in ADS
Resident Well Being
Chief Resident Stipends
Disciplinary Process
Paid Time-Off
New Program Question
Who is your core faculty for internal medicine?
Are FT Teaching Faculty Needed?
Faculty and Resident Professional Development
Work From Home Duty Hours
Exclusion from CAP
Residency Programs Excluded from CMS CAP
Annual Institutional Review
Clinical Work from Home
Radiology Resident Caps?
Application Service for Fellowship Programs
PEC Report
CLER OUtcome measures
Residency Program Social Media Sites
CCC Report Format
How do residents find vacancies in other programs?
Resident Contracts
IM outpatient clinic experience
Chief Resident/Fellow Role Description
Resident Completion Date
Do your cardiology fellows cover the unit at night?
Resident clinic preceptor stipends
Has your teaching hospital closed its medical library?
Visiting Elective Rotations
ECFMG Prep for New ACGME Program
Late Starts Due to Licensure Delays
Combined GME and Medical Staff Affairs
Orientation days
When Can Your Completing Residents Leave?
COPAC Mentoring Program
Professionalism and Wellness Policies
Does anyone have a surgical site director Faculty descrip...
Clinical and Educational Work Monitoring
GME Calendar of must do's........
Process or form to request new residents/fellows or progr...
Multi Year Contracts
Notifying Clinic Patients when Residents Graduate
Diplomas/Certificates of Training
Charging for Residency Verifications
Faculty Titles in ACGME Application
New Innovations Users - New Trainees and Login Info
CLER report
Residency Position / Recruitment Postings on AHME Message...

Other Learners
Chief Resident Selection...
Resident Contracts and Intellectual Property
Program Director Evaluations
Faculty Remediation Plan
Clinical Research Evaluation
Creating a faculty call schedule
Questions for those with a cardiology fellowship
Position Description: Resident Chair of Resident Council
Hosting elective residents from ACGME-I Programs
Job Description for Administrative Director, Medical Educ...
ACGME Requirement for Days Off Each Month
Paperwork Policy
PLAs or LOAs = Agreements for Away Rotations - Tell us...
Verification for dismissed residents
Recruitment Wait-List
Medical staff contribution to support hospital library
Coordinator Professional Development
Interpretation of "new off-duty period"
OB Resident Clinic
Diversity / Harassment (not sexual) GME Policy

Seeking information about research committees
International Background Checks
PECOS Registration
Grievance, probation, non-renewal, and remediation.
Fellowships...Two Questions for you...
Retention of medical student records
ACGME, AHA, NAMSS, OPDA Verification of GME Training (VGM...
Question about name changes
Interview Season Before Accreditation Decision
Letters of Recommendation
Residency Training Verification Fee
Meal tickets/allowance: Here's a solution
Residents Attending Medical Staff Committees
Program Coordinators & GMEC
Resident/Fellow "status" in Electronic Health Records (EH...
Oversight of Academic Affairs
PECOS registration
Faculty Development
Program Coordinators
Resident Radiation Badge
Sponsoring Institutions...
Resident Hospital Cap for Reimbursement
Hurricane Policy/Protocol
Diplomas for surgical residents
Annual Resident Salary Review Protocol
CLER Visit postponement
Trainees in program longer than allowed length
Internal Networking Tools
Conference Management Software
GMEC Resident Participation
Institutional TAGME Certification
DIO time
Call Room Proximity
IHI Open School
Reduced need for formal sleep quarters due to shift work
Attribution Data
Verification of IMG medical school transcripts
In-Training Exam Policy?
Do you provide moving/relocation expense assistance?
Orientation - HR Documents
Paid maternity leave
GME Orientation for Surgical Oncology Aug 1st Start Date
Facility DEA for Residents
US Dept of State directive for no gaps with J-1s....
Pediatrics Continuity Clinic
Meal Ticket/Card Policy
Job Descr for GME IT & HR Coordinators
Resident Contract Start/End Dates
When do you conduct your AIR and write your annual report?
GME Department Organizational Chart
GME - Where does it live?
Looking for information on an educational specialist posi...
EMR reporting
Credentialing Unaccredited Fellows
Cure for March decompensation?
Survey for Graduated Residents
We are working to include CME activities under the umbrel...
Resident Scheduling Software
PD & PC Monthly Meeting Agenda Topics
"Re-training" of Residents and Fellows that have complete...
Text messaging
Clinical Competency Committee Mtg Minutes
Emergency Department Program Director Job Description
AMION vs Medres
Faculty Mentorship Program
Resident-Nurse Team Building
Start date for July orientation
Seeking any resources to share on faculty serving as pers...
State Medical Society - Funding of Resident Membership
Evaluating Residency/Fellowship Size/Value
DIO Survey - coming 1/8/16
TY Graduation
ACGME International (ACGME-I)
Private groups subsidizing resident positions - risks?
Residents using vacation time for outside rotation experi...
Professional Liability for Rotators
Ranking tips
COTH Teaching Hospital
HIPAA/Corporate Compliance training for Union Reps
A Greater Mission
Resident distance from hospital
Site Visit
Residency Funding Solutions
Medicare Question
Residents, Cell Phones and Policies
Incentive/Bonus payments for Housestaff
A resident whose father is the program director
GMEC sponsored faculty development conference series
GME federal funding
Can anyone recommend best software resources for stugglin...
PGY1 residents taking at home call?
Just had our 2nd CLER visit
Clinical Competency Committee - REPOST
Monitoring Action Plan Responses
Resident Fellowship Applications
Medical Student Curriculum Committee
Emeritus Policy
Admin Fee for Student Rotations
Monitoring Participating Sites
Do your faculty create educational portfolios?
Fitness Center for Residents
Reviewing applications
Resident/Faculty Survey Dashboard
Orientation Start
GMEC attendance
It's recruiting season! What "perks" do your residents ge...
Metrics and Benchmarking for Core Faculty and PD
Organizational Structure
Housestaff Transition Coordinator
Planning for the 2016 Meeting
Intern retreat
Resident Meal Allowance
CME Letter
Annual Program Review Process and Forms
Resident Rosters
DIO job description
Professionalism Policy
GME Educator Job Description
H-1B1 verses J-1 (ECFMG) VISA Policy and/or Practices...
Experience with Ward Manager or other sign out tools?
Resident Council Contracts
Resident Time Off
Faculty Compensation
Medtrics Resident Management System-looking for users
CLER-Any Internal Surveys done Rez or Nurses
Transition of Care Policy
Secure texting
Inpatient Medicine Services
Job description for Quality/Patient Safety Director
Fellowship Salaries
CLER RESOURCES: Quality / Safety / PT Experience
RCA Mock Sessions / Modules / Training
Board Pass and RRC Decisions
Under contract with another program- delay start date?
Software/Hardware to Capture Live Lectures
Fatigue training
UME without GME Policies
Educational Allowance
Annual Institution Review (AIR)
Improving resident error/near miss reporting
Electronic Reimbursements
Program Evaluation and Improvement
Fellowship Coordinator
ACGME Resident Survey 2015
Statistics/Research/EBM teaching resources
Program Directors Survey
US Resident doing elective in Canada
Do you know a great speaker for a faculty development wor...
JCI Academic Institution Accreditation
Accommodations for Interviewing Candidates
What is Adequate Program Staffing?
GME Quality Improvement Office job description
Resident Physician Contracts
Oversight of PA Students
Amion or other on call scheduler
Special Review
Sponsoring Institution Standard
GME Funding of School of Medicine
Extra Year Chief Residents
Claiming half days
What do you require of rotating residents/medical students?
VP Academic Affairs
Do you have an institutional or program policy re interna...
Full Site Visit...
Interviews and Ebola Concerns
EBOLA and Residents / Students
GMEC Composition...
Locating Former Residents and Fellows
Residents Who Train at a Critical Access Hospital
Fee for Visiting Students
Faculty Appointment process for community hospital
Example policies?
Global Health Rotations
BLS; ACLS; ATLS; PALS certification
ACGME Resident Survey
Annual Report for Program
Background Checks
Letter of Recommendation Policy
Online Verification of resident/fellow's ability procedur...
Medical Education Reform
Prior Criminal History
Monitoring resident stress and excessive service demands ...
IOM Report on GME Governance and Financing
Goals & Objectives for Research Rotation
ACGME proposed Strategic Plan
Now that you have your Resident/Faculty Survey results...
Milestones evaluation data
Salary & Benefit Continution in Case of Disaster
Department Goals & Objectives
Guide to Medical Education in the Teaching Hospital needs...
Rotation Reimbursements
Maternity leave and vacation time
Consortium Development & CAP Creation
Do you charge for verifications?
Credentialing and providing case logs
Quick ? on Night Float
Faculty Development 2014 (sigh)
Evaluating E-Learning GME Modules in Quality/Pat Safety
Test taking remediation
Question regarding EM contracted physician services
H1-B Visas
Faculty Vacation Time
"Conscientious Objector"
IHI Open School
Coordinator's Groups and Meetings
Preliminary Residents and Non-Renewal
Escalation of Care Policy?
New Resident Start Day/ Old Resident Graduation Day
Temporary increases in complement...
Interim Coverage for Health and Disability Insurance
Electronic Residency Systems
Last days of training
JC Bylaw Request
Evaluations with Milestones
Int Med Programs without Fellowships or Prim Care only
Peer Selection of Residents
CLER / Community Health and GME
Input of data into the Electronic Health Record
Business Cards for Residents
CLER Visit
Resident Research
Special Review vs. Focused Site Visit
Statement of Commitment
Unfunded/Self Funded GME slots
Nephrology Fellow
2014--2015 USMLE Important Changes
ACGME resident and faculty survey
Choosing Wisely Expert Speaker?
How do you collect Board Pass Rates as a metric?
Job Description
IPad Policy
All that Med Ed Literature in 2013
Job Description
Medical Mission Trip
IPPS Admitting Physician Rule for October 1
Annual report to include NAS requirements
Unit-Based/Geographic Based IM Rounding
Strategic Planning
Visiting residents
Expand/Reorganize - Medical Education Department
CLER expectation - Standardized Handoffs
Paternity Leave
Resident Leadership
Institutional Accreditation under NAS
Unfunded GME slots
AAMC annual meeting?
Tuition/Registration Fee for external rotators
Job Description for Academic Clinics
Evaluating E-learning programs
Educational Leave Time alllowed
Global Health Initiatives
Fitness for Duty certification form
ACGME Program Requirement Grid
Instutional Social Networks
Interview assessments/evaluations
Student elective scheduling
NAS/CLER presentation to Residents?
Annual Faculty Evaluation of Training Program or Annual F...
IM Program Director Job Description
A challenge to Message Board users
Do you use a GME scorecard?
Resident benefits
DGME and IME Question
Record Retention - Resident Logs
This just AOA/ACGME
Transiton from 12 to 13 rotations per year
Tobacco-Free Hiring Policy
Error/near miss reporting
Has anyone revised their evaluation policy for NAS?
Research Elective
VA reimbursement of admin costs
Centralized Credentialing System
Health Literacy - Do you teach it?
Upcoming ACGME survey under new approach- need suggestions
Affiliate Billing- Overhead/Administrative Charge
Hybrid Residency--Fellowships
ACGME Accreditation Statuses
House Staff Orientation and the ECFMG
Milestones reporting ACGME semi-annually
Residents requesting rotations in foreign countries
Grand Rounds Webinar on Depression, Alcohol and Substance...
Educational Funds for Residents
Contract Extension for Medical Leave
GME Structure
Behavioral Health/Primary Care Presentation and Webinar S...
EEOC question on Interview screening...
ACGME Benefits requirement
In-Service Exams - Time Off for Residents
Tablets for residents
Resident Code of Conduct/Oath or Professionalism
Electronic Residency Contracts
Faculty Development Tools
Housestaff Leadership Chair Stipends?
Dynamic speaker needed
Program for Post-Graduate Trainees: Future Academic Clini...
Learning Management Systems- anyone use these?
GMEC "sub committees"
DIO Compensation
Policy on Prescriptions
Are you still doing internal reviews?
Clinical Decision Units
Phase I Milestones
Record Retention Policy
Resident Research
Annual Report
Curriculum for Patient Experience Training
Do you have a resident support group?
Integrated site agreement
Online orientation: Is attestation enough?
Educational Technologies for GME
Institutional Disaster Policy for GME
Counting Remediating Resident FTEs
Education of faculty on billing documentation
"Non-Provider" Settings
ADS Annual Program Updates
Internal Reviews
Internal Medicine Service
Fellowship leave time
Recruitment strategies for primary care docs
Releasing prelim residents to make categorical program or...
Internal Review Database
Do you give out replacement diplomas?
Electronic Signatures
Graduate Tracking
GME Alumni Association
Confidential Resident Forum
Has anyone developed an institutional Transition of Care ...
"All in" policy and H1B visas
Delinquent Medical Records
Updated AHME 2012 Survey on Residents Travel / Books
Extraordinary Circumstances Policy
Religious holidays
Converting USMLE Step 1 and Step 2
GME office staffing: a brief, informal survey
Ptrovider Time Study Surveys for CMS
Transitions of Care -- Discharge Curriculum?
Emails soliciting FREIDA supplemental information
Administrative Salaries
On-Call Meal Allowance
Education Specialist Position
Behavioral Medicine - Job Description
Academic/Teaching RVU
GME Budget
Institutional Review/Surveyors interviewing coordinators
Audience Response Systems
Financial Resource For IMGs
License and Patient Care
Public Service Loan Forgiveness Form
CMS ruling on interns and residents to practice and enrol...
Ramping Up for Foreign Physicians
Annual review of program by residents
When do you provide health insurance for new interns?
Approval of New Programs
Simulation Lab Access and Supplies
Loan Deferment Signatures
Do you have a UMEC?
Upcoming Conferences?
How do you use PLAs?
Resident Exit Process
Resident Mail
Update from the Message Board / AHME Staff
Patient Hand offs
Training other types of trainees
House Staff Orientation
Medicare language on resident hours (moonlighting)
GME and Health Care Reform
"Tracer Method"-Site Visits
Suggestions on managing "senioritis" for those in interns...
Chief Orientation
Teachers who fail to teach
Centralized Annual Resident & Faculty Program Evaluation
Have you culled/digitalized old files?
Can an IM program director sit on a Cardiology Fellowship...
GMEC monitoring duty hours
Staff Education in a GME World
QI and GME: A post-teleconference AHME Discussion
Criteria for Neurosurgery Consult
Sufficient # of Publications?
Initial residency period restrictions
Annual ACGME Faculty Surveys
Systems other than Degree Verify for non-ECFMG verified d...
Has anyone used the IHI Open School?
ACTFL Certified Oral Proficiency
IPhone and pagers
Online training solutions
GMEC reporting relationship in a community hospital
Policy regarding accomodation for residents with disabili...
Criteria for new resident FTEs in "virgin" hospital?
Marketing programs
Duty hour monitoring at outside institutions
Process Improvement
Benefits for faculty
Duty hours - revisited
Resident Fatigue
Do you allow observers? NJ opinions get extra credit!
Voting Members on the GMEC...
Hospital offices or GME office responsibility?
GMEC Composition
Travel Policies
Educational Modules for Residents
Call Room Requirements
Job Description for Director of Medical Education
Technology Policies
Changing behavior by using a carrot or stick?
Costs for H1B visa processing
Resident / Faculty Competencies for Health Care Reform ?
Wording for diplomas for nonaccredited fellowships
GMEC Tracking Protocol
Resident Education and Work Enviroment (Forum)
Faculty Survey Pilot
Faculty Practice Plan
Medical Education Administration
General Oncologic Surgery ACGME Fellowship
Requirements for Call rooms?
DEA Institutional License
Geriatric Medicine Consultation Program
Internal Review - record keeping
Residents & Administrative Staff Ratios
Call Room Hotel Concept
Workspace Requirements
Institutional Review and Oversight - after July 1, 2011
January 1, 2011 Reimbursement Rules - Didactics
IPads and GME
GME Compensation models
Faculty job Descriptions and Evaluation Tools
Resident Meals
ACGME - Proposed Standards on Quality Care -Duty Hours et...
Charging for rotations
Medical coverage during orientation
Smartphones & cameras
Delayed ECFMG certificates
Job Description of Associate Program Director
Healthcare Reform and Residents
Policy on completion certificates and adding credentials
Children's Hospitals?
Sponsored Residents
What do you call your division/department?
Osteopathic traditional rotating internship program manual
Institutional Educational Resource Policy
Resident Pay?
Advertising for Housestaff
Payments to preceptors - revisited
VA Timesheets
J-1 Sponsorship through ECFMG
Creativity needed. Charlie, you there?
Anyone using Turning Point audience response system?
PTO and Board Review
Fraternization Policy
Resident Attendance at Forums
Remediation Plans
Good Essays for Residents and Educators
The Leopard-Skin Bra
Paperless files
Autopsy reports
Does anyone require their residents to get a license?
GME Office Poll - trying to acquire some inforamtion
Standard rotation start and end dates?
Educational Iconoclasts Unite!!!
Auditing of Visitors/Observers
Incentives for Senior Institutional Leadership
Discussing Internal Reviews at GMEC meetings
Anyone using something OTHER THAN E-Value or New Innovati...
If you have dually accredited residencies, do you grant A...
Has anyone stopped paying preceptors?
Evaluating program faculty...
Extra Year Chief Residents
Medicare "Allowable??" Rotations
AHME Guide - 4th Edition Now Available!
Affiliation Agreements
English language proficiency
Graduate Survey
Resident Participation on Committees
Policy on Resident Supervision and Duty Hours
Resident Travel to Mandatory Conferences
Residency Recruitment Budgets
GME Calendar
Institutional Review Document -- Attachment 2
Communications Training
OLD vs. NEW - in chart form
Laptops for Residents - taxable income?
Assistant or Associate DIO Salary Recommendations
Quick Survey - Duty Hours Monitoring
Milestones Project Expert Speaker
New Fellow Orientation
Resident leaving after 2 months
Scanning resident files
Join our national dialogue on preparing medical education...
Internal reviews for dually accredited programs
Chair's Position Description
Grievance and due process GMEC policies
Duty Hours and Didactics
GME Salary information
ACGME Milestones :: Benchmark Document
GMEC Executive Committees?
GME Metrics
Master Affilitation Agreements
Relationships With Non-LCME or Non-AOA Medical Schools
Conference time for residents
Graduation/Residency Completion Documentation
Using Program Information forms for Internal Reviews?
Social Media Policy?
Institutional Review - annotated minutes
"Perfected Contract" for Philippines--J-1 visa holder...
Visiting Students
Job Descriptions for PD, Core/Key Faculty, and Non-Core F...
PGY level pay rate
GME Week 2010
Billing for Fellows
Staffing of GME Office
Education Materials for New Nurses
Using RMS/New Innovations to manage internal review data
Institutional Review
J1 Visa extension for IM Chief resident year- which optio...
Michigan Medical Licensure
Structure of Medical Education Department
Resident Behavior Outside of the Major Participating Sites
Radiology Program Coordinators
H1N1 Disaster Planning for GME
Cultural Competency Training
House-staff Manager Salary?
Vacation time for Electives
Fundamental Clinical Skills
Making formative evaluations formative
Physician Scientists Training Pathways
Resident files
Electronic Medical Records
General Competencies
Joint Commission question
International Graduate Orientation
Moving this post: CMS/GME funding to Hospital Systems-no...
Board Pass Rate Data
CMS/GME funding to Hospital Systems-not individual hospit...
DIO % Time?
Question about match
Medical student needle-stick or blood exposure
H1-B visas - correction
Non-Accredited Fellowships- Policy and Credentialing
Processing of new residents
Administrative Fees for affiliation agreements
Question about leave
Job Description
Hospital sponsored housing for residents
MONITORING of Resident Supervision
Patient Safety Curriculum
Common Program Requirements (V.C.1.2. Program Evaluati...
Patient Survey - Outpatient
Affiliation Agreement or PLA?
Residency Program Business Plans
Proposed Legislation
Drug screening policy/TB screening
Pronouncements on Non-Teaching Patients
Temporary Lodging for Incoming Residents
Resident Teaching Skills
Part-time residents
Qualifications to be a DIO
MBBS vs MD on graduation certificate
IRD questions 8A and 8B
Resident/Fellow Tavel
GME Policies to meet institutional requirements III B
Annual Resident Anonymous Evaluation
Electronic management of internal review data?
Display of info on FREIDA Online
Do you have 3 minutes to spare? Samples desparately need...
PLAs for electives in other hospitals
Chief Resident Certificates
Composition of the GMEC
IRD preparation - GMEC minutes
Housing for Required Out Rotations
ACLS and BLS training
GME Guest Speakers - Any good ones?
CMS rejecting new program status
Remediation Plans
Origin of Residency Start Dates?
H1-B Visa
Faculty Development Programs
Pre-Clinical Residency Programs
Institutional Review
GME Office Scope of Services
Mileage Reimbursement for Ambulatory Rotations
Quarterly reviews
"Achieving Competency Today (ACT): Issues in Health Care ...
Professionalism - Ethical Behavior
IRS Requirements Affecting Resident Educational Funds
Visiting International Residents
Agreements for medical student rotators
Resident Insurance/Stipends
Visa's - Pakistan and Syria
Average Cost to Train a Resident
Resident pre-orientation modules
Certifications for Basic and Advanced Life Support
Drug Testing
House staff contracts
Dash Board
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Message Board Suggestions?
Resident Positions
Hurricane Ike
Residency Management System (GME Toolkit)
Core Curriculum
Willing to share your resident contract?
Help on PIFs from HCPro and others
Resident Remediation
Grievance Policy
Resident Responsibilities to the GMEC
New Residents Required Credentials
Confidential Evaluations
CPT versus OPT versus F1 versus H1 Visas
GME Conferences
Orientation Surveys
Joint Commission Visit
Visa Policy
ACGME Info / Bulletins / Notices
Vendor Policy
Sending a resident on an elective question
Appeal process
Insurance for Incoming Residents
Continual Accreditation Readiness
Annual faculty evaluation of the program?
Meal Stipend/Allowance
Resident Clearance Questionnaire
Resident Supervision Policy
Non ACGME contract
Order Writing Stations
Request from a DO to put MD on her lab coat
Vendor Policy
Visiting Residents
Part time training
Elective Rotations
Notification of Action on Accreditation Status
Do fellows become a part of your medical staff?
Consultant on Recruitment Strategies
Accommodations For Residents With Disabilities
Faculty Performance Evaluations
Research year in General Surgery
Resident Probation
Resident Fatigue
Resident Portfolios
State Funding for GME
Program Directors or Coordinators Manual
Applicant/Interviewee files
"First Recognized Day"
What date are you starting orientation this year?
Hospital bylaws status for residents
ACGME disaster policy
Reappointment Application/Annual Requirements
Combined ACGME GMEC and AOA MEC?
Program Coordinator Retreat
Program Director Salary
MBBS degree--equivalent in USA?
Yearly Work Calendar
Criminal Background Checks for Observers
Resident Impairment Policy
Resident Duty Hours
GME Committee Composition
Match #
Oversight of Rotators (non-medical student)
Online Orientation for residents
Osteopathic Medicine DME Job Description
Faculty Development Again
Do you do institution-wide core curriculum?
Does anyone do institutional orientation COMPLETELY online?
Hurrican Katrina Displace Residents
Expert Speaker on PBL&I/QI?
Any suggestions for how to make this board more active?
Exams/Writing Samples during interviews
Do you do internal reviews of your Podiatry program?
Annual Report
Online Master's degree programs that support clinical res...
Coordinator Job Description
Volunteer Ideas
How do you archive your files?
Resident Blogs
Payment for Volunteer Faculty
Anyone have any suggested models for evaluation of resizi...
National Center for Evaluation of Residency Programs
GME Calendar
Coordinator "Retreats"
Advancement of Residents
Residents and Telemedicine / Patient Care
Question Regarding Physician Impairment Policy
Cultural Competency Training
Non-renewal of Contract
Competency-bsed goals and objectives
CMS Reimbursement
How Long Should Accreditatiion Files Be Retained?
Reposting this thread to the GME folder - re: Annual Cale...
E Learning speaker/ resource
Is anyone having difficulty starting J1 visa holders on t...
Payment for Volunteer Faculty (Surgeons)
GME Consultants
How do you manage "income" for teaching medical students?...
New Program
Fatigue Education
Conflict Resolution
Parking - are residents treated differently than other st...
Do you allow residents to appeal dismissal in cases like ...
Resident's PTO
Accommodation Policy
Delinquent Medical Records
H1B Visas
New Innovations -Rotation Specific Evaluations
While I'm at it...any vendor interaction policies?
Since you brought it up
Stipend for IMGs
Charging for training verification by hospitals/insurance...
Residency Closure and Funded Positions
Inclement weather policy
Post-Match Surveys
Different types of remediation
NPI Numbers
DIO Job Description
Health Benefits from Start of Residency
Credentialing Housestaff
International Electives
Tool for survey of Medical Education Facilities & Technol...
Policy on Taking Step 3 exams
Orientation for IMGs
Has anyone done an annual resident survey via New Innovat...
AOA Education Committee
Medical School and Residency Verifications
What additional info can you ask resident applicants?
Minimum number of residents
Faculty to Faculty Evaluations
Job Description for Chiefs
Education Allowance
GME - acronyms are us
Letters of Agreement for Offsite Rotations
NPI #'s for House Staff Physicians
GME Organization Chart
"Certification" of Procedures
Records Retention
Drug Screening
Post Grad Survey
Timely Evaluations
Chief Residents
Change in Training Year Dates
Resident Leave of Absence Policy
GME "Trends"
Make My Day - Share Your Agreements
GME and the proposed new LCME Standards
What topics do you want addressed re: legal issues in res...
Disruptive Behavior
Re-posting a post from another thread
Annual Report to the OMS question
Faculty development
CMS Audit Results on Preceptor Payments - Revisited
How to interview for not yet accredited program
Saving Match results
DIO basics
Accommodating disabilities
Simulation Labs
E-learning Professionalism Instruction Modules
HIPAA certificate??
POSTER Presentations...teaching "How To..."
Comp time for working on a holiday
Archive, File check out policy
Pharmaceutical Industry Relationships Policy
MEDICARE IRIS counting residents--DIDACTICS
Expert Speaker on Legal Issues in Medical Education?
Verification of training
Faculty Eval of Program- Written and Confidential
Program Letters of Agreement
Hotel Modeling Concept - Call Rooms
Patient Safety Curricula
IRIS Reporting
Categories of disciplinary actions
Do you require ACLS from Day One?
What do you do with a resident who delivers on Day One?
Rotators and Background Checks
Coordinated interview process
USMLE Policy
Payment for out of hospital rotations
Quick Survey - Do you pay residents for orientation?
Vacation Time
Verifications of Previous Training
Summative Evaluations
Books on Teaching / New faculty
Human Patient Simulation Curriculum
Paying for H1B Visas
Physician Manpower
International Medical Schools Information...
Reduction in FTE
DOs and Primary Care
Quick Poll Re: Resident Salaries
Addition to the Internal Review Questionnaire
Medical Records Completion - The True Bane of Our Existence
Meal Tickets: The Bane of Our Existence
Drug Testing
Approved Residency Positions
Off-Cycle Residents/Fellows
GME Office Responsibilities
Getting new house staff on board on time
End of Year Resident Surveys
Disaster plan to address the educational continuation of ...
AOA internal reviews
Resident Ombudsman questions
Restricting outside rotations
Designated Institutional Official (DIO) Job Description...
Core competencies and how they affect Cardiology Curriculum
Care to share your Appeal Policy
Post-Match Surveys
Internal Review Summary template
DOP's on Intranet
Foreign Travel
The "Home Research" or 'Reading' Elective...
Developing a yearlong calendar for new PDs and RCs
Letters of Agreement wordage
Administrative support - residency programs
Paying for board review classes
Preceptor Stipends
Start Dates for Residency Programs
Substandard Performance Policy
Illegible Medical Record Notes and Signatures
ADME Job Description
Final Evaluations
Post-Match Surveys
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